Do You Have Cisco UC and Want Better Hunt Group Analytics?

Hunt Groups are widely used in most Cisco environments – either as stand-a-lone call routing solutions or in conjunction with Cisco Contact Center applications. When Native Call Queueing is implemented, Hunt Groups become even more powerful – in some cases replacing the need for investment in costly Contact Center Agent licensing!

However, native Cisco Hunt Group reporting tools frequently fall short of customer needs around management of Hunt Group resources, optimizing caller experience and reporting on Hunt Group activity. That’s where Infortel Select excels – offering enhanced Hunt Group reporting and real-time dashboard visibility into calls in Queue and Agent status to help you get the most out of Native Call Queueing.

Do your teams have the right tools in place to address these concerns? Learn how ISI can help you better manage your Hunt Groups with Native Call Queueing, 

Don’t wait for historic reporting… Leverage Real-time visibility into Hunt Group Native Call Queueing and Agent status to better manage resources and improve caller experience!

Pre-defined Reports

In just a couple of clicks, you can quickly generate the exact report you need - from a 10,000 foot, high-level summary, down to the singular detail of each agent and call. 

Hunt Group Summary - A high level report, where you can supervise and manage multiple hunt groups at once.

Call Activity by Day or Hour of Day - Drill down into the daily trends, or patterns across the week or month.

Individual Call Details  and Custom Detail Report - Get the most granular, specific details about each call event.

Transferred Call Path - The ultimate cradle-to-grave visibility. See the entire customer journey, even before and after the hunt group.  


Real-Time Reports and Dashboards

Real-Time Hunt Group Status Dashboard – For each desired Hunt Group, Infortel Select refreshes display of current Calls in Queue, Oldest Call in Queue, Available Agents and other stats so you know what’s happening NOW – so you can intervene when necessary.

Real-Time Hunt Group Agent Status – Each Hunt Group Agent name is displayed with Current Status, Time in Status, and cumulative number of Calls Handled and Calls Transferred for today. Understand what your resources are doing right now, know when to staff up, and identify Agent performance problems.

Define Service Level Thresholds for Color-coded On-screen Display – Infortel Select dashboard displays change color to flag good, poor and critical conditions around Hunt Group Status and Agent Status fields. Building problems are more easily detected, enabling timely response and improved caller experience.

Dashboard views are suitable for Agent use as well as Supervisors – Why not share real-time metrics with Hunt Group Agents for instant feedback and motivation. Infortel Select Dashboards are configurable by user to show Supervisors and Agents only the Hunt Groups they support.


Want to learn more about how ISI can get you better insights from your hunt groups?