It's Time to Make the Switch to Cloud-Based UC Reporting & Analytics

In recent years, cloud-based software is becoming ubiquitous across every industry due to its incredible efficiency, flexibility and ROI. From the hottest new startups, to long time software giants such as Microsoft, most software providers are moving from one-time licensing models to Software as a Service and cloud-based hosting.

ISI has been a proud part of this cloud revolution, leading the UC reporting and analytics space with a successful hosted product for the past several years. If you've been on the fence, and haven’t switched over yet, now is the perfect time to get started.

Here are some common questions we get from our customers:

  • Will my costs be higher, due to recurring subscription fees?
  • Is my data safe and secure?
  • Will I lose administrative control?
  • What will migration look like? Will this be disruptive to my business?

If any of these concerns have you been holding you back from taking the leap, we want to show you that being prepared with the right knowledge and a trusted partner such as ISI will easily help you through the transition to this exciting new technology.

Our Hosted SaaS offering unlocks new possibilities for analytics and collaboration that were never before possible - helping to improve customer experience, cost-savings, and the overall efficiency and productivity of your UC strategy.

As of March 2021, we will be ending support for Infortel Select v10.0.7120. Customers will need to purchase a cloud conversion which offers a very easy path to ISI’s Cloud offering. We’re excited about the new opportunities that this technology will bring our Cloud Customers. Here’s what it means for you, and here is the path forward.



Unmatched power

Leveraging the power of cloud computing allows us to put incredible data processing power to work for you. Using a dedicated portion of Microsoft’s $50 billion computing infrastructure, we can deliver data analytics from a more powerful and resilient base than would ever be possible from on-site technology

Azure servers work around the clock, with little to no downtime, extracting the most from your data, at lightning-fast speeds. Your CDR data can now be processed several times a minute, without draining your on-premises resources. With these robust technological assets at your fingertips, we can guarantee minimal processing delays, getting data into your hands when you need it the most.


Cloud exclusive features

Switching to the cloud unlocks new technologies and features that take UC reporting to the next level. Multiple users in multiple locations can stay updated in real-time with the same data and information, staying perfectly synchronized. If you manage one or more hunt groups with native call queuing, you’ll now have access to real-time reporting and dashboards – allowing you to track caller journeys, supervise agent status, and respond quickly to critical conditions and unplanned traffic events. With the ISI Cloud, you’ll be prepared to maximize efficiency, customer satisfaction, and the ROI of hunt group call handling.

The cloud enables complete cradle-to-grave visibility, bringing together every segment of the caller journey, giving you actionable insights into call handling across your entire organization. The cloud-exclusive SSO (Single Sign-On) capability simplifies username and password management, improving security and workflow efficiency.

Cisco UCC Enterprise (UCCE) reporting is also exclusive to ISI’s Cloud solutions. If you are looking to unlock the full real-time reporting capabilities of the UCCE environment, you’ll want to make sure you’re on one of ISI cloud plans.

ISI’s cloud solution will also integrate with Microsoft Teams, to incorporate video conferencing – the next generation of communications, into the stream of data insights that you can use to optimize your unified communications strategy.


Cost savings

Cloud-based solutions are based on a recurring subscription fee. Will this add to our total costs?

No. In fact, the vast majority of our customers will experience a cost savings, on top of enjoying the other benefits and features of the new cloud software.

It’s true that there’s a subscription fee associated with any Software as a Service. Yes, this may be a slight increase from your current perpetual maintenance support fee. However, your total costs will most likely decrease on the infrastructure and the employee backend.

On-premises server costs, software licensing, installation and support are costly capital expenditures. When you switch to the cloud, these are all rolled into one total service fee that can be accounted as an operating expense, rather than a capital expenditure. Currently, every time you move or upgrade servers (on average three to four times a year), you are subject to additional upgrade fee. With the cloud, you’ll never pay to upgrade or move a server again.

It doesn’t make sense for your company to try and keep up with the latest architecture, security, etc., when services like Microsoft Azure invest billions to do it for you. Predicting your needs upfront is a difficult task, and the IT infrastructure you invest in is often either under-utilized or stretched beyond its capacity. With the cloud, you can choose the exact amount of usage for your current needs, and scale it up on demand.

As data becomes more complex, and new channels of technology such as video conferencing emerge. Data backup sizes and costs are going to add up for any on-premises servers. With ISI cloud’s solution, you will no longer need to maintain a VM or storage footprint.



Easing IT burden

Along with costs of physical infrastructure and traditional software licensing, the amount of IT manpower required to install and maintain software and servers can be huge drain of time and resources.

By switching to the cloud, upkeep and backend maintenance is taken care of for you – with no loss of administrative control. Now your team is free to work on more value-adding activities, managing and monitoring the core business-critical applications, rather than performing routine upkeep and troubleshooting. For any IT professional, this should be welcome news. The responsibility for keeping servers updated, running and preventing a disastrous loss of data, is taken off their shoulders.

With ISI’s reporting and analytics, IT teams no longer need to spend time generating routine reports for management. Users are empowered to easily run these themselves and can always open a ticket with ISI’s cloud team for direct support as soon as possible.

Increased flexibility

As employees move to remote and mobile-based work, cloud-based software offers a level of flexibility that was never before possible. Managers and employees can securely log in from any device, anywhere in the world, and get the same level of access and functionality that they would at their workstation –from a simple web browser on their phone.

With just an internet connection, business leaders can get real-time updates from across their organization. The ISI cloud’s web browser interface is completely secure and offers full administrative control, including report configuration, production distribution, maintenance of the select directory, trunk inventory and call rating.

With the cloud, the information you need is always within your reach.


But is it safe?

Decentralization of our data can seem scary at first. It’s not something our brains understand intuitively. We’re used to seeing and touching physical things, even if those are just a collection of black boxes where our data lives on-premises. When hear that our data is going to be ‘in the cloud’, it evokes feelings of anxiety about the unknown.

On top of those natural inclinations, the cloud has received a certain level of bad press, due to a few high-level security cases during its early infancy. However, we’ve learned a lot since then, and with the right security protocols most of those risks can be mitigated.

In reality, the cloud is actually more secure than traditional on-premises infrastructure thanks to-

  • Continuous security updates
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Simplified encryption with multifactor authentication
  • Data backup and redundancy
  • Secure physical server locations

Cloud-based data storage eliminates security vulnerabilities associated with company assets such as laptops or phones, which can be lost or stolen – leading to a catastrophic data breach. If your data is on the cloud, your physical devices are no longer a weak point.

Data loss and outages are an ongoing threat for on-premise infrastructure. Do you have a disaster recovery plan that is up to date? Many companies that experience severe data loss never fully recover. By backing your data up in the cloud, you create redundancies across several locations, so your data is never lost, and your software can keep running even if a server in one location goes offline.

If your organization is required to report to a certain compliance agency such as HIPAA, SOC2 or GDPR, our cloud centers can provide the necessary information to ensure these security and privacy requirements are being met.

Have more security-related questions about ISI cloud services? Download our Cloud Security Brochure here, that goes in-depth into the security of Microsoft Azure.



Software as a service – a partnership-based approach

The cloud software model allows for a new paradigm for service and support, helping you to get the greatest ROI from a solution such as ISI reporting and analytics. Rather than a one-time software purchase, the SaaS model moves the relationship into an ongoing partnership.

We’ll take care of everything from SQL database management, monitoring of CDR collection, application of rate table updates and software updates. By trusting us to handle the IT backend, we can troubleshoot and provide support in a much more efficient way – freeing our staff to provide a more hands-on level of support, around the clock, to you and your team.

Your software is always automatically updated, including all new functions and releases, as soon as they become available. You can pull data from unlimited sources, at no extra cost. You can easily scale up with new user licenses at any time. With our ‘Cloud Pro’ plan, our customers receive even shorter response times from a dedicated team that prioritizes cloud-based customers.

What will the transition look like?

Migration to the ISI cloud is quick and painless. Your business will not experience any disruptions during the process of migrating from your on-premises solution to the cloud. ISI will continue to support you seamlessly through the process, as we do our work on the backend to make the transition.

Depending on which specific ISI Cloud product you choose, migration can take about three to six weeks, depending on your specific needs and level of urgency.

We understand that many of our customers may have hesitations, questions, or concerns about new technology, and we look forward to addressing every one of these. Switching to the cloud will unlock a whole new world of features, that will increase productivity and efficiency, cut costs, and improve security. By trusting a partner like ISI to do what we do best – leveraging our four decades of experience in UC reporting technology, you can free yourself to focus on what matters the most to your business.

When you reach out to your ISI sales rep, we’ll help walk you through a checklist to make sure that we address every single one of your needs about cloud migration. We’ll continue to work with you through implementation and make sure that everyone on your team has the training they need to hit the ground running.

If you choose, our Cloud Pro offering you'll get access to our Cloud Pro Team, who have worked with hundreds of other customers in your market, and they will help you quickly configure the solution to meet your needs. ISI’s Cloud Pro Team will provide ongoing report administration, guidance and analysis.

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